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Pre-Workout Formula Benefits

As part of its range of high-quality bodybuilding supplements, PharmaFreak offers a pre-workout formula, marketed online and in stores as “Super Freak Hybrid Pre-Workout Formula”. The benefits of this product are extensive and promising, with the formula giving users increased energy, endurance and focus.

All of the ingredients used in the PharmaFreak pre-workout formula are clinically researched, and proven in their effectiveness. For example, one immediate benefit that “Super Freak” provides is a reduction in fatigue. The formula consists of two powerful fatigue-fighting agents, one of which includes peppermint oil, and both ingredients help bodybuilders sustain consistent levels of energy throughout their workout. Sustaining energy is key to completing high-intensity workouts, and preventing a drop in energy during or soon after exercise.

PharmaFreak also uses adaptogens in their pre-workout formula, which are herbal substances used to help the body maintain endurance and cognitive function. One of the adaptogens includes caffeine, but the benefit of using this formula is that the amount of caffeine used is regulated, which can prevent any side effects that high caffeine consumption is known to cause. The adaptogens allow bodybuilders to remain determined, and level-headed throughout their workout, which in turn can yield better long-term results- thus benefiting users over time.

PharmaFreak’s pre-workout formula also contains a powerful stimulant complex, which increases focus and intensity. Focus is essential for bodybuilders, particularly when weight-training, as it ensures that all exercises are being performed safely and effectively. “Super Freak” therefore allows users the freedom to workout without the natural intensity decline that can sometimes affect the length of an exercise.
PharmaFreak’s pre-workout formula also includes a necessary amount of vitamins, which are key to maintaining healthy body functions during and after workouts. The vitamin complex includes vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals; vitamin E, that is a powerful antioxidant and vitamin D, which is thought to support muscle function.


Super Freak is also beneficial to users because of its natural ingredients. Many of the substances used in the formula are herbal derivatives and are therefore sourced from natural plants and flowers. This benefits the body, as it stimulates it in a less invasive ways, which means that the formula is all the more powerful because the body isn’t invaded by a 100% artificial product.